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UPDATED JUNE 1, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

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To our valued customers:

Our office will be open by APPOINTMENT ONLY during the month of June.  Please call the office phone number (575) 526-1106 or send an e-mail to michelle at to schedule an appointment. 

We will continue to up-date the website with any changes to scheduled auctions.

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Saturday August 15, 2020 - 9:00 AM

Holguin Farms Inc.

13695 Montes Rd - La Mesa, New Mexico 

4-Row 3-Pt Tooth Harrow (Koening), 4- Row 3-Pt Tooth Harrow, (2) Lilliston Rotary Cultivator, JD 7100 8-Row Cotton Planter, JD Border Disc, Big OX Box Scraper (Laser), JD 4450 Tractor, JD 8200 Grain Drill, JD 6200 Shredder, JD 4240 Tractor, Big 12 Cotton Module Builder, JD Cultivator, Land Pride 12’ Blade, (3) Laser System, JD 900 Chisel, 1000 GAL Nurse Tank, JD 700 Twin Rake, JD 8200 Tractor, JD 4020 Tractor, Koening Cultivator, Welder, Heston 8400 Swather w/ Header, 8 Row Sprayer w/ Nurse Tank, Hot Sprayer w/ Washer, Backhoe- JD 410D, JD 27 Flail Cutter, JD 8100 Tractor, JD 9965- 4 Row Cotton Picker, MF 1839 Baler, JD Laser Guidance System, Chili Roaster, Detroit Diesel Allision- PIA- 41081, Ingerson Rand- Compressor, Compressor- Allied, Compressor- Craftsman, Rockwell Model 15 Drill Press, Forklift- Gasoline- Mitsubishi (20), Travel Trailer- Jayco 264BH, Darbyshire- D14- Laser Blade, Heavy Roller- Dave Koening, K650, Dave Koening Chisel, Red Box Scraper, Rhino ORC 12- Roller, (2) Trailer- 2 Axel- Flat Green, JD 7 Pt Chisel, JD Offset Disc, Antique JD Tractor, JD 7100 Planter w/ Nurse Tank, Rood Machine, Steel Nurse Tank, JD Roller, 5010 GAL Nurse Tank, JD Offset Disc, (3) Cotton Trailer High Side, (2) Cotton Trailer Short Side, Rotary Cultivator, Koening Breaking Chisel, 3000 GAL Nurse Tank, (2) 30 Ft Equipment Trailer, JD Cultivator, Rotary Cultivator, Old Yellow Planter, (2) 790 Krause Blade, JD Offset Disc, JD Rotary Turning Plow, JD 3955 Plow, IH 6 Bottom Turning Plow, 11 Pt Chisel w/ Harrow, Giant Steel Tank- Kohlhaas, (2) Digger- Danuser F-8, Small JD Scraper, Old Well Pump, JD 3 Pt Plow

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Saturday August 22, 2020 - 9:00 AM

Luna County Road Department 

2500 J St. SE, Deming, NM 88030


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Retirement Land Auction

August 29, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Loma Parda Dairy

150.943 deeded Acres Dairy farm for sale 

7100 Arroyo Cuervo Rd., Garfield, NM 87936